NewSteps Consulting moderates and implements restructuring processes. In doing so, we also relieve the respective insolvency administrator by taking over operational issues on-site from the debtor and coordinating all parties centrally. Each of our interim managers is immediately able to assemble a powerful team of insolvency, restructuring, and labor law attorneys, criminal lawyers, as well as business administration graduates, tax, finance, and HR experts from our highly qualified partner network or to manage an existing team of an insolvency administrator as an operational interface in the process.

Continuation of operations:

To secure the prospects of restructuring, it is important to maintain business operations after the appointment of the preliminary insolvency administrator. Therefore, we make every effort to set the decisive course for a successful continuation of operations at the beginning of the insolvency proceedings. Where economically feasible, we work together with the parties involved to develop successful restructuring solutions within the framework of the insolvency proceedings - particularly through a legally binding insolvency plan or a transfer restructuring. Experience shows that by continuing and restructuring a company, not only are jobs preserved, but significantly better results are also achieved for the creditors.

Insolvency plan procedure:

The insolvency plan is, strictly speaking, a partial payment agreement that regulates how the company will be restructured and at what rate the creditors will be compensated. In this respect, it is a complex, legally and economically highly demanding restructuring instrument and - when professionally executed - a win-win solution for all parties involved: the company continues its operations, creditors generally receive a better rate, and the workforce retains their jobs. NewSteps Consulting has extensive experience in restructuring insolvent companies through insolvency plan procedures. We create individual insolvency plans, review plans and plan attachments developed elsewhere, accompany the process, and monitor the plan. In this way, we have created and successfully implemented a large number of insolvency plans of various sizes.

Transferred renovation:

In a transfer restructuring, the insolvency administrator sells the company, either wholly or partially, to an investor. It is usually considered when the insolvent company itself is no longer able to restructure independently through the insolvency plan procedure and still represents the standard procedure for restructuring after an insolvency application. NewSteps Consulting has carried out numerous transfer restructurings. In this process, we typically transfer assets of the company, which regularly includes the know-how of the employees, to a legal entity through a so-called asset deal.

Self-administration and protective shield procedures:

The ESUG (Act for the Further Facilitation of the Restructuring of Companies) opens up new possibilities for debtors to independently prepare and carry out insolvency proceedings. A so-called ESUG procedure is a special insolvency procedure aimed at restructuring companies under a protective shield or within the framework of self-administration, particularly through an insolvency plan. Since the management remains in office, long-standing experience and knowledge can often continue to be utilized. A trustee is appointed to ensure compliance with the insolvency regulations, especially for monitoring business operations and cash flows. If the conditions for self-administration are met, the insolvency administrators from our partner network take on the tasks of the trustee and support - together with us - the management from the outset. In many ESUG procedures, we have been able to contribute to the restructuring of companies in crisis through targeted measures.

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NewSteps Consulting specializes in the operational management of companies in crisis. We support as interim managers within difficult restructuring and turnaround mandates - either as part of the management team or as a trusted advisor by your side.

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