NewSteps Consulting covers all phases within a restructuring with its expert knowledge and interim management resources. Our turnaround professionals deliver professional results in both strategic and results-oriented, as well as liquidity crisis situations. We quickly identify the key weaknesses and take action to successfully manage the turnaround.

Typical Challenges in Crisis

  • Uncertainty and declining performance motivation among executives and employees, as well as loss of trust among external stakeholders (e.g. customers and suppliers)

  • Lack of competence in implementing transformations in the workforce

  • Allocation of necessary personnel capacities in day-to-day operations

  • Leadership deficits and often change-resistant corporate culture

  • Often heterogeneous shareholder structure with partially conflicting motives and goals

  • The extent of the crisis is often underestimated - and countermeasures are initiated too late

Our Expertise in Restructuring

  • Steering and implementing the entire restructuring project: from thorough analysis to continuous monitoring of success

  • Developing scenarios (e.g. restructuring or sale) and operationalizing the restructuring program with clear objectives based on a vision for the future

  • Defining and rapidly implementing measures to increase revenue while simultaneously reducing working capital and overhead costs

  • Short-term implementation of change measures (material costs, operational processes)

  • Collaborating closely with shareholders, stakeholders, executives, employees, and works council

  • Mobilizing and motivating employees and executives

  • Building trust with relevant internal and external stakeholders through professional communication (success stories and quick wins)

  • Coaching the leadership team

Project request

NewSteps Consulting specializes in the operational management of companies in crisis. We support as interim managers within difficult restructuring and turnaround mandates - either as part of the management team or as a trusted advisor by your side.

Get in touch with us and we will clarify how we can support you quickly and precisely.
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